Name: Ken Bouvier, NR-P, Fire Chief of 37 years (retired), Current Deputy Chief of Operations, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services 

What is your personal EMS story? 
I joined a volunteer fire department in 1975 that provided free ambulance service, and the only training you needed was first aid. I enrolled in a very new program called “EMT.” Over the years I became a fire chief, paramedic, and conference speaker and make written contributions in 11 EMS textbooks. In the first 7 years of my career, I responded to 3 major disasters in the New Orleans area that took the lives of 264 people.

Why did you decide to become an EMS professional, and what factored into that decision?
In 1975 I realized that I had the passion to help others, and today, 43 years later, I still have that passion to help others.

What do you love about your profession in EMS?
As paramedics, rarely do we save lives, but we do have the opportunity every day to help those who can't help themselves.