IAFCCP Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Emerging Leaders ProgramThe IAFCCP’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to provide participants an understanding of leadership competencies based on accepted industry standards, to help prepare emerging EMS leaders for today’s challenging business environment.  Participants attending the five core sessions and one of the designated elective sessions will receive a certificate of completion.  The ELP is delivered by experienced professionals who have extensive experience in their specific topic areas. 

We believe that knowledge and self-improvement are essential to effective leadership. In fact, our organizational mission statement is to provide advocacy, leadership, professional development, and education opportunities for specialty care paramedics.  We are committed to providing leadership development and educational opportunities for the betterment of the Paramedic profession, its leaders, and our patients.   

The Emerging Leaders Program will target individuals within the EMS community who have a current or future career focus in leadership positions.  


  • 5-year history working in transport medicine
  • Pursuing secondary education and/or advanced certifications
  • Employed as supervisor or manager
  • Seeking career advancement opportunities within the transport medicine industry. 

The Emerging Leaders Program will be offered concurrently with the EMS Leadership Track, held during EMS World Expo’s general conference programming, October 6 – 8, 2021.

Eligible Classes

Clinical & Operational Quality: Three Practical Strategies for Reducing Errors and Building Resilience in EMS
Crisis Management: Managing Change in Hyper-Turbulent Times
Government Affairs: Publicity, Partnerships and Politics
Human Resources: Not Imposters: How Women in EMS Can Break the Glass Ceiling
Strategy and Adaptation: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer: Interpreting Sun Tzu for the EMS Leader

Additional Leadership Track Presentations

  • Good Enough is not Good Enough: Demanding More of Yourself and Your Service
  • Understanding Why We React the Way We Do: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success
  • Sabotage! How EMS Leaders Can Inadvertently Sabotage Productivity, Efficiency, & Morale
  • Teamwork: How to Make the Dream Work on Your Ambulance