EMS on the Fireground

Tuesday, October 5
1:00P PM - 5:00 PM 
Micki Guy, EMTP, CIC; Travis Howe, EMT, CIC, RF; John Tims, EMTP, CIC, RF

In many ways, present-day structural fires are more dangerous than ever for those on the fireground. Firefighters are still dying of cardiac arrest, cancer-causing carcinogens are making a name for themselves, and civilian victims are always a possibility. Complacency can kill instantly or over time, which is why EMS must be proactive on the fireground. Join Travis, Jack, and Micki as they dive into five Rs of EMS on the fireground; Resources, Readiness, Retirement, Rehab, and Relationships. We'll talk about things like mortality rates, firefighter down resuscitation, safety, communication, and medical monitoring. Then, we will put new knowledge to the test with firefighter down CPR scenarios and tabletop exercises.