Become an Exhibitor

EMS World Expo is Already the Largest EMS Show for 2013!

Why Exhibit?

  • EMS World Expo is over twice the size of any other EMS show
  • Co-located with the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT) Annual Meeting
  • Delivers more decisions makers than any other EMS show
  • Attracts new attendees each year so you can grow your customer base
  • Over 4,800 attendees representing more than 1,800 fire departments, agencies and third-party ambulance services

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For exhibiting information contact:

John Heter, West or 503-889-8609

Cheryl Kaufman, Northeast or 781-923-1784

DeAnna Morgan, Central/Midwest or 952-277-4420

Ann Romens, Southeast or 920-568-8366